DUD2070 is a USB-C DP1.4 MST Docking station, which easily connect your laptop to dual 4K displays (Display port and HDMI) using one USB-C cable without driver needed. Connect your USB devices with 4 USB ports, its built-in USB3.1 ports to enjoy the super speed data transmission up to 10Gbs between USB peripherals. With Smart Power Management function that ability to deploy power to charge your device from power source.
DBC1240 Thunderbolt 3 8K UHD Dock, which is an amazing connectivity for your MacBook or Windows laptop. For professional user who need high-resolution images for digital content, the DBC1240 which is equipped with DP1.4 to support up to 8K display.With power delivery up to 85W, charging your laptop function through USB-C interface.Enables you to enjoy the super speed data transmission between USB peripherals through USB-C thunderbolt ports.
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